About Authenticity


Yes! All of our designer clothing are 100% authentic !
We only purchase directly from the authorized distributors to guarantee authenticity.




Who We Are & What We Sell


www.avenuek-shopping.com proudly stands behind the authenticity of all its products. All of our merchandise is new and guaranteed to be authentic.

www.avenuek-shopping.com is committed to providing our customers with the hottest trends in luxury fashion. You can shop with confidence.
     Thus, any brand, whether it be  Moncler, Fendi, D&G or any other brand, is genuine.

     Selling counterfeit products as the genuine article is a violation of federal law.
     All of our products are genuine and authentic.

Who We Are & What We Sell

Our core philosophy is to provide our customers with the finest brands in the world at the ABSOLUTE best pricing in the world.

We sometimes get inquiries regarding whether we are "Authorized" to sell the products we sell. The answer is that it depends on the product.
There are several brands we feature on atelier-onweb that are new and authentic that we are not "authorized" to sell by the brand owner because we are committed to selling our brands at the lowest prices.
We purchase directly from original distributors of these brands . Our domestic special contacts withe these
distributors enable us to consistently buy at the lowest possible prices.
This is why we can offer you such exceptional savings. Some of the items we sell may be store overstock, samples/displayed products, and/or closeouts, balance of the cargo or the order - all never used and authentic.
We have been selling desinger brand clothing exclusively on the Internet for several years.Thousands of customers have purchased sunglasses and many other products from our website and we have proven that consumers rather get an amazing deal than be overcharged by "Authorized" dealers.


Rest assured, all of our products are new and genuine, and where we are not "authorized" to sell a product we back it up with our own experienced warranty staff and/or our return policy.
Keep shopping with confidence and at our great low prices!


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